December 12, 2013
By , louisville, KY
People used to tell me I am tall for my age
To the fact that I started feeling conscious of were
I stand so that I won’t block people’s view
Then people started asking me where I was growing to
And so one day I asked my mom the same question
That “where am I growing to”
And she gave me her response
Which I don’t remember now
And that would make me not to talk to people
Because that is what they would ask me
But there were a lot of
People to help when putting things up for them
And bringing it down for them
And games to play with them
Sometimes they stand beside me as a measurement
Of how tall they are
And when I came to the U.S
I was asked a thousand times
How tall was I?
And do answer I don’t know
Because back at home (Nigeria)
I don’t really care of how tall I was
All I know is that I am tall
I think being tall is a gift from God
I love being tall
Being tall is my middle name
People from my father’s side are tall
And so they call me “Omo Baba”
This means my father’s daughter
Even though I don’t like that name
But I love my dad and his tallness
Which I his daughter is his second.

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