A Helping Hand

October 13, 2008
By Denise Parel, Avondale, AZ

We have always needed a helping hand
At times when we are lonely and desperate
or through the times in which we want to share our joys
That is why I offer my helping hand for you.
I will always be there no matter who you are
As long as you need a helping hand I will be there for you
I don’t care how hard or how far,
I’ll sacrifice everything just to get to you
I will be running through the trails of your desperate plea
Until finally, I will be there to offer you my helping hand

I’ll be the one beside you; my hands holding yours
Together we will cross the bridge of tears
My helping hand will always be there all the way
I will be the one who watches as the hurt in your eyes disappear
I will never let go no matter what
At the end of the bridge, my hands holding yours,
we cross another bridge of a new beginning

Even though it seems that whole world is down at your feet,
you can always count on my helping hand
I will listen to you all ears
My hands will give you the warmth of love you need
I will replace your heartbroken voice with my sweet and caring words
Nothing will break our bonds,
and together we will find the way back to face the world again

Just always remember that you can always call on a helping hand
Whenever you need a hand to reach up to,
I will be there to pull you up when you are buried beneath anxiety
But at the end, when you learn to move on without me,
I will be happy to say goodbye and within my thoughts I can say,
“I had made a difference”, a thought that will stay with me forever.

P.S. With just simple hands we can touch somebody’s life,
as though we hold the hands of an angel

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