October 13, 2008
What possesses the bird to fly?
The mere whim, that maybe leaving will escape here?
There is no escaping, the deadly truths of night.
No leaving the whirlwind of lies.
But, the bird flew forth with the wind pushing him towards,
that evanescent light. Take flight my sweet bird, take flight.
All the big tree’s will invite you to stop.
Their luscious leaves are merely props.
Fly on my bird, fly on.
Though you won’t survive, maybe with this single try.
We’ll get farther than we have before.
Opening with keys, and unlocking new doors.
Temptation of the worms in the moist earth...
Reluctantly, poking their heads out of the soil.
Don’t eat the innocent or dwell on the coils.
Pursue what you set out for, and never look back.
My dear bird, you grow weary.
The air has settled and isn’t carrying you along.
Flapping your wings won’t last very long.
The wind picks up, and pushes you forth!
Don’t worry, the hunters are in the thicket,
trying to tease the rabbits.

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