Our Life Before

October 13, 2008
By Jessica Cruz, Windsor, CT

Dishes beaking to the ground
Food flying from a dinner plate
A table being thrown upsidedown
An angry man yelling at a women with discusted hate
A women running upstairs as she cries with...
sorrow cuz her husband juss doesn't care
Children thinking to themselves why is daddy so upset...
Sitting there playing with toys as they see him run upstairs chasing after her
Then all they hear are cries of distress coming out of their mother's mouth
A sound of something falling to the floor is all they hear then nothing...
Time passes by but nothing happens
Trusting everything is ok they continue 2 play focusing on their childhood
Hearing footsteps coming downstairs they freeze...
Mommy comes down the stairs her face black n blue
She manages a smile to her adoring children
Then daddy comes down the stairs still in a bad mood
Calling my sister over they both begin to argue
Mommy carries me away telling me she loves me
But not quick enough for me not to see him punching her in the face then red dripping down her shirt
Dizzy from all the confusion I begin to think daddy what happened to you
What happened to when we would all sit together discussing our day?
What happened to the fun and laugher we had on our family vacations?
Letting go of his mother's arms wanting to say something about what's happening right now...
He can't find the words all he can say is...
"Daddy what happened to our life before?"

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