Time Ran Short

October 13, 2008
By Ariana Willingham, Fresno, CA

Don't give me empty promises
Don't fill my head lies
You say that i can trust you
But i can see the betrayal in your eyes

Don't expect me to believe you
Don't expect me to let you in
Didn't anyone ever tell you
That lying is a sin

I watch you make excuses
And pretend to care
If you were to ever listen
Tell me why is life so unfair

If i trust you
Would you trust me too
If i loved you
Would you love me too

Would you turn and run
Would you try to hide
Or would you be there and stand by my side
What if i said i hate you
Would that make you frown
I tried to believe you
But you keep bringing me down

I wanted you here
I wanted you to stay
But you left me
And pushed me away

You left me that day
Now im down to my last resort
You thought you had time
But its run short

If you loved me
You never let it show
If you wanted to stay
Then why did you go

I'll move on with my life
And i'll try not to cry
I'll hold my head high
And give it another try

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