Sips of Your Water

October 13, 2008
The refreshing gusts of a cool breeze
and the providing nourishment of the cool blue seas
teamed together with the life-giving rain,
can rise in a torrent, destroying for gain.
What can give can also take,
leaving destruction in its’ foamy wake,
and the storm that battles the earth must retreat,
or the earth will crumble and fall in defeat.
So now the earth is gone, lost in the storm’s roar
And the people pack up and leave from the shore.

But soon they return, to live close to the blue,
whose coolness replenishes but takes life away too,
until enough is enough, there’s only so much that one girl can endure
and she runs from the water and closes that door.
And she’s living in nothing, no gain but no pain
but she can’t ever escape her dark master’s domain.
For the depths of her heart lay twined with the blue,
she’ll never be free, and there’s naught she can do
but return to the provider of both happiness and gloom,
though she knows in returning, she’s risking her doom.
And the storm of the boy wraps his beastly hand ‘round her now
She’s both living and dying but happy somehow,
She knows joy is fleeting, like the seabird in the sky
that she held in her hand one day, but the next said goodbye,
And she knows happiness fades to tear tracks on her face,
But now she’s living and loving the sea at her place…

Until the storm crashes down and leaves her on her own,
She’s been used and abused and now she’s alone.
She lives in this constant, joy followed by pain.
She glistens in sunlight, she dies in the rain,
When I think of it clearly, I’m her and she’s me,
And we live on sips of your water, but drown in your sea.

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