October 13, 2008
By EmmaRainear GOLD, Charlotte, North Carolina
EmmaRainear GOLD, Charlotte, North Carolina
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She sits by her window
awaiting the sun to rise,
and transform the sky
with its warm golden rays.
She listens for the chirp
of early spring song birds,
hungrily announcing where
the worms are.
A cool breeze with a tinge of
winter’s dying wrath,
stirs her graying blond hair
still resting in youthful curls
about her shoulders.
Her creamy skin shivers,
and she gently tugs her
robe over her pale blue gown.

A sudden burst of light from
behind the hills,
illuminates crystal blue eyes,
gazing serenely down the winding
dirt road stretching from the black
iron gates and beyond.
Ruby lips, coated faintly in a
film of gloss, spread into a broad smile,
as the sound of thundering hooves echo
in the vast courtyard.

Gathering her skirts,
she rises, straightening her
diamond studded crown as she went.
She smoothes her gown,
fingering the luscious blue fabric,
remembering the day it had been
made for her.
Never in her life had she worn
something so lovely and flowing.
Life had thrown her aside, like a sack
of worthless garbage, only to
discover the treasure she truly was.

She withdrew from the window
running her fingers through
her sleek honey curls.
She checks to find
her aquamarine choker tied
around her neck,
and her snow white glows were
pulled tight and wrinkle free.

Before she scurries out of the room
she glances about,
confirming she hadn’t forgotten
anything, scanning every nook
and cranny until her eyes came
to rest upon a meaningful memory
on a skinny shelf.
A dainty smile crossed her lips,
remembering a life from long ago.

As quickly as the smile fades
across her lips, the sun’s golden rays
burst into the room,
bathing the girl and her collections in
the purest gold.
She quickly dashes to the door with one
last glance at the memoirs encircled
in a tawny halo;
a pair of tiny slippers carved
from glistening glass.

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