Metephor for Snow

October 13, 2008
By Rachel McCormick, Double Oak, TX

The first Snowfall in winter
Powdered sugar sifted on warm french toast
Rice finding its way towards a wedding couple
A tornado destroying a cotton plantation
Eraser shavings swiped of calculus homework
Plain white socks twirling in a dryer
Dandruff from an old man's unwashed head
Confetti on New Years Eve
Cement dust from roadwork construction
A pearl necklace shattering
Freckles on a mischievous child
Sacks of salt thrown into a pool
The disapation of fireworks
Eyes of a full house audience
A bag of cocaine torn to shreds
Crumpled up bad ideas in the trash can
water droplets spraying from a hidden hole
White paint peeling off the ceiling
The twinkling stars in the night sky
Sand kicked up by beach volleyball players
A rainshower on a sunny day
White graduation caps flying through the air
Christmas lights glowing in the trees
Skin flaking from a blistering sunburn
Missles dropped on Pearl Harbor
Pixie Dust from Tinkerbell
White blood cells fighting a flu
Sugar poured in bright red kool-aid
papers flying on the last day of school
Bubbles in a sparkling champagne glass
A shattering window
A marshmellow truck crashing on a highway
Cherry blossoms falling on a windy day
The last snowfall in winter

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