A Heart Laying in Ruins

October 13, 2008
By Dylan Konn, Bow, NH

I felt my pulse disappear in seconds
It only took a moment to do the damage
Heartache is the latest fashion
Cold and harsh; it steals your breath away
Leaving you only with silent desolation
I press a finger to a vein
Nothing is what resonates
Where has my heart gone?
I remember giving it away
A long time ago
It’s still with him; I’d have to say
I’ll have to admit
That’s one item I gave away and I’m sure won’t return
I guess I’m one of the living dead now
To feed upon desperation and depression
I’m a modern day vampire
To feed among the melancholy
But what matters anymore?
As I lay dying here
Love and happiness are the greatest hurt
So why don’t I just disappear.

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