Is it Really Me?

October 13, 2008
By Isabel Cowles, Olympia, WA

As the clouds go by I see myself
for who I really am,
this whole time I was being someone
I’m not is that who I am supposed to be?

As I walk down the street I see two kids playing
I ask myself was that me?
The leaves blow by me and I watch;
I watch to see where they travel to,
to where their adventures are moving on to.

We walk together.
As we walk I notice her striding
it changes every time.
I notice mine it is totally different
we walk home noiselessly.

My mind wanders off to places where I am not aware
what is this place?
have I been here before?
it’s warm but then again it has a chill
I’ve seen it before but where?
Where have I seen it/ heard it?

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