October 13, 2008
Birth upon another planet was evident,
Mostly because she appeared to be revenant.
Walking through sleep was her greatest flaw
And it sometimes stripped her life to the raw.

Radiant flames lapped at the air.
The wooden frames shattered
Leaving nothing for the eye to bear
As the Tudor mansion lay battered.

Screams from within the house were let out.
As consciousness met realization and pain,
While mental gatherings and memory were tossed about,
All the arsonist could do was cry out in vain.

Her chameleon eyes reflected the mood
As failed attempts at reconciliation of the soul were made.
In all this, nothing to be done would be good
So a remorseful goodbye to the lives of her parents was bade.


Dancing fire lights speckled her hair,
Sadness was all that made her fair.
Shadows crossed her wounded eyes.
Nothing was left but her guardians’ demise.

Feelings from now would be nothing but pain
For, from these events, she had nothing to gain.
Turning ‘round she walked alone
Not knowing that the wail was her sorrowful moan.

Glancing up, she saw her home planet’s twilight host
It was that cursed phoenix’s ghost.
“Sin you’ve committed shall not go forgiven
So with this gizmo you’ll be given to be driven.

To accomplish the only way to get yourself back
The code you must crack.
A hard lesson you will have learned,
To get back what you never really earned.”


Stolen from her was the true key to humanity
But the ghost was kind enough to leave her sanity.
Her body disintegrated into thin air
So, there was nothing more for human eyes to bear.

One emotion came about her, vanity.
Downward glances carried lost amiy.
She had gotten friendship well more than her share.
Now punishment lurked in the unknown realms and lair.

From this simple gizmo that had been tossed,
Which seemed so much less than a human life could cost,
Came the challenge to be worked out.
As her soul stared at the gizmo, it appeared as but a lout.

What will she do with the gizmo now
To make up for her grievous error?
In my next poem I will show you how
She comes through it all- trials and terror.

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