You and Me

October 13, 2008
You are you.
I am me.
Two people who will never be.
As much as I wish,
As much as I pray,
I know there is no possible way.
You have your life,
I have mine,
Between them is an un-crossable line.
You live under the camera's lens,
I live for memories with my friends.
Your face is sprayed across magazines,
That I can only read enviously.
Our paths may cross eventually, but it wouldn't be for long.
It might just be a quick glance,
Or maybe a simple song.
But no matter what ends up happening,
You are you.
And I am me.
Two people who will never be.

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poemluver123 said...
Nov. 2, 2008 at 1:43 pm
I REALLY liked ur poem. I voted it 5 stars. ;) plase vote for mine 2
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