October 13, 2008
Veggies are good
Veggies are tasty
They’re the only things that I can eat
I eat them for



And dinner…

Veggies are my life
When I go to a restaurant
I scroll down the Menu

Buffalo wings… 5.00
Chicken salad… 2.00

Nothin yet I say to myself
I sigh

Chicken Nuggets…6.00
Pork Chop… 3.00 when you order two

Does it ever end?
I finally find a qasidilla
Off the kids menu
Guess how many times I eat that every time I come to a restaurant

I am a Veg head
I am surprised I haven’t turned green… Yet
At least I am not alone
My whole family are veg heads
At least my parents aren’t green
I am proud to be a Vegetarian

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