October 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Arriving five minutes after the first quarter started
Kate along with her army of evil skanks
Spot where their people are
Kate points Allie out to them
She was the girl her boyfriend left her for last summer
They lasted about a week
Keeping her friends close, enemies closer
Kate hugs her
“Hey girl, looks like we’re winning!”
If only she knew

Shaking the dice the cheap plastic cup
Monica wonders if this could possibly be her third bunco of the night
Laughter filled the air, nearly suffocating the living room
Stories about husbands attempting to do laundry, make dinner, or get the kids ready for school were shared
Monica would’ve loved to john in
Except her husband was too busy seeing another woman tonight
Just like every Thursday night
“Some girls are just born lucky!”
Her girlfriends accused her of cheating
If only they knew

Laying there, handicapped by her weakness
Rose’s brittle body remains motionless on what is now her deathbed
Every day at the same time, by the same nurse, she’s handed the same two blue pills
A forced, wrinkled smile grew across her face
She greets her younger brother
“Hi dear, I’m doing just fine, thank you. How about yourself?”
Still looking just as darling as a woman with time
If only he knew

You see us everyday
We are these three people
We embrace those who we dislike
We laugh to cover up the invisible tears
We smile when we honestly have nothing to smile about
All just to make the person next to us think we’re fine
Go ahead, call us fake
But we only cover up so you don’t have to act like you care
“Oh, if only they knew.”
We silently say to ourselves

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