Seduction Through the Eyes of A Teenage

October 13, 2008
i wanna seduce you with the touch of my lips
know youll quiver when i touch your hips
hold you tight, i never wanna let you go
let my hands venture from your cheeks down to your big toe
whisper sweet nothings in your ear
my feelings for you stay the same, year to year
cant wait till were older, id love to call you my wife
everyday would be my happiest, becuz youll be in my life
my plans simple,ill go down on one knee
with a diamond ring, ill ask "will you marry me"
if you say yes, ill know my life has been complete
stay commited to you till im buried six feet
we'll move into together and have the most fun two people could ever have
spend each day with each other and go to heaven, ill put it on the nav
my feelings for you are like a lake
so deep and relentless but sweet like a birthday cake
my love for you is like a tree
it grew slowly but now its taken over me
my physcial attraction to you is like a kiss
makes me shaky at the touch but puts me in a world of bliss
when your gone from me for more than a minute i begin to worry
i begin to think what could happen to you and my thoughts get blurry
i start pacing around the room trying to take my mind off of you
but it never seems to work
cuz baby, im in love with you.

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