Eternal Home

October 13, 2008
By Kaitlyn Laurence, West Warwick, RI

The Pitch black curtain closed
That was it, my life
It had ended so abruptly
Sliced so evenly by a knife

Painted with crimson red
And smothered in black
Smoldering ashes fell
Me, riding from the back

I looked around confused
Nothing but tarnished gray
And a blinding white light
While the World just faded away

Colors seemed to die
Never actually, truly there
Just something we imagined
Like everything we hear

I saw the world that moment
Saw it for what it was
It was nothing really pretty
Just platforms covered in fuzz

And steel gray mountains
From one end to the other
Everything stood on its own
Never claiming their own brother

It was colorless and sad
But strangely beautiful at best
When no one was talking
Life was one gigantic test

So the world faded away
Farther and farther it reached
And farther and farther i ran
Until my eternal home was breached

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