Angel Mom

October 13, 2008
By Tabitha Garrett, Pocahontas, AR

I think about the past and how it used to be
I just can't believe that it's reality
And when I think about her I always start to cry
Eventhough I know she's right here inside
She was an angel sent to me from somewhere up above
And a single mother of three with plenty of love
She always cared about everyone and never about herself
So why'd she have to die so young, why not someone else?
But now as I get older I start to think about
All the others who lost loved ones and had to live without
And now I start to relize, no matter how hard it gets
There's always someone else goin through twice the mess.

The author's comments:
My mom was 38 when she died. She was in a car accident...the roads were icy and she just lost control. I was only 11. She is my inspiration in everything I do. I just hope and pray that, when I finally leave God's beautiful creation, I became at least a quarter of what my mom became and was remembered by. And that was her selflessness, courage, beauty, strength and love. She is my Hero.. Angel.. my ALL.

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