One Last Time

October 13, 2008
By gabrielle Wilborn, Michigan City, IN

I never understood what drugs to do
in till somebody close to me sated to use
this person that I'm talking about gave me live
but all she did she care
she was never there when I cried at night
It hurt so bad this feeling that i had inside
what I feel was mom could not put the drugs aside
just for a little min can you plebe gave your child some time
This story that I tell is my life
everybody kept telling me to neal down at night and say a little pray
and it will soon be aright .
Thought day and night I just took it one step at a time
I just look in the mirror and told myself I would never be like her
I going to be someone I might make a difference in the world
Thanks to mom I'm strong and I no longer let it get to me
I just look at the past with no spacial memories
Like love and laughter just pain and hurt
I often wonder why I had to grow up with out her
But you know what they say things happens for a reason
And mom I guess I will forgive not for you but for me
so I can be free of all the lies you told me
I just had to get it out JUST ONE LAST TIME
so you could see how you doing drugs affect not just you but me
I sad it before and I sad it kind I'm letting it out One last Time

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