October 13, 2008
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Breath. Breath. Breath. Breathe.
Air filled my lungs.
Highlights of the dark room stared to fill my sight.
Memories, Just a nightmare, Just a dream.
SREAMS, noise tinted the air around my ears.

In moments my feet touched the cold wood floor.
My door opened to the noticeably warmer hallway.
“I can’t” he cried louder again.
Heat rose to my face, and upper body.
Leaving my legs to the ice river below,

“What, what’s wrong?”
‘She’ was frantic,
The words were not mine,
I now watched from the back room,
‘She’ was scared.

“Go back to sleep, we might need you,
You need your rest.”
‘She’ looked to him.
Screaming again, but nodded.

‘I’ walked back to bed,
Cold floor,
Cool room,
Loud screams,
Bad dreams,
The highlighted walls,
Breathe. Breath. Breath. Breath.

WAKE. Shattering crash.
“Sweetie we’re going to the hospital.”
“He is sick”
Crashing doors, my head hurts.
I work fast.
Pillows, blankets, water.
I help lift his hurting body into the cold car.
“Let the dog out, have a good day, we’ll call you”

I hug them. I tuck him in the front seat.
Alone. Sleepy. Worry. Worry. Worry.

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