Friends and Besties

October 12, 2008
Friends are there for you during school
but besties are there for you till the end.

When you want to jump off a bridge
you’re friends will be there to watch you jump off
you’re besties will be there to jump off with you

When you’re hungry,
you’re friends sit across from you and chew on their food
you’re besties crunch in your ear

When boys hurt you,
you’re friends listen to your problems
but you’re besties do something about it.

When someone makes you mad,
you’re friends smack talk the person
but, you’re besties sock the person for you.

When someone spreads rumors about you,
you’re friends ask who did it
you’re besties tell the person to stop talking crap about you

When you get injured,
you’re friends ask if you are alright
you’re besties run around everywhere to get you band-aids and ice

When it’s your birthday,
you’re friends say “Happy Birthday”
but you’re besties go the extra mile and get you everything they could think of.

So you know, when you want someone to be there, you ask your friends
When you want someone to be there from the beginning to the end, you ask your besties

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