October 12, 2008
Walking down the street
I hear a distant sigh
I hear someone scream
I hear a faint cry
I hear someone shout
"I don't want to die!"
I hear someone running
I just ask myself why.
As I keep walking
I hear a voice say
"You there, please help me
I need to find a way"
A little girl stands up
She has tears streaming down her face
Her little heart seemed broken
She had no shine, no grace.
"I need to run away,
I need someone to help"
I look at her slowly
and I saw the huge welp.
She was bruised and scarred
Had burn marks on her wrists
A bump on her arm
A cut on her fist.
My throat started to close
All I did was cry.
I didn't know what to do...
So I just asked myself...why.

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