Not Myself

October 12, 2008
By enilorac GOLD, St. Petersburg, Florida
enilorac GOLD, St. Petersburg, Florida
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They tease me, taunt me, reduce me to tears;
I let them think that I have no fears.
They believe me to be heartless, without feeling or thought,
and I don't see their game until I'm already bought.

They act like I'm invisible when it's easier for them,
only when I'm entertainment do they treat me as a gem.
So I crave their attention and when it is given,
I'll say or do anything, deeds that can't be forgiven.

To them I am only a tool to be used,
giving myself and others relentless abuse.
Deep down inside I know that they're wrong,
but no one seems to see that, or hear my silent call.

One day I know I'll break free of their spell,
but only then can I become myself.

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