Old Glory

October 12, 2008
By Alec Linot, Wichita, KS

A day of warmth and joy
Brought to dismay
By four hijacked planes
The first shocked
On that September day
No one knew quite what to say
The second brought fear
Fear of what would happen next
Fear of who they would be weeping for
And fear for their own lives
That could be in danger
The third tore
It tore a hole in old glory
And tore a nation to pieces
Yet fourth brought back hope
The one thing that the nation was searching for
That no one could seem to find
Until patrons aboard flight 93
Just trying to get home
Turned into heros
These people brought back hope
Hope for an entire nation
That day in September old glory was torn
But now old glory fights back
To redeam those that were lost
On that terrible day
That sent America into what now seems like a never ending war
But one day it will end
And that day will be a day for rejoice
In a new world where people can feel safe

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