My personal hell

October 12, 2008
By shobhit garg, New Delhi, ZZ

I ran and I fell
On my face, with a thud!
No one stopped, nobody cared
In seconds, my foot was drenched in blood

I tried to stand, but I fell
The hands of few helped
I felt numb and dead
And as if I had only one leg

An ambulance was called, I was rushed
But, the local hospital sucked
They pricked me with a 100 needles
But ignored my paining leg

I was moved in to a bigger hospital
Lots of x-rays and scans they did
But even after my repeated request
Ignored my paining leg

At last, some doctor talked ‘sense’
He said: No cure. Your leg is dead.
I cried, and then I laughed
My leg- it didn’t pain now.

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