dangerous dancing

October 12, 2008
By Kali Cavanagh, Slingerlands, NY

I've been dancing on all the rooftops in the city
Can you hear my tap, tap, tapping?
in youre ear
if you dont come and save me
i promise i will
tango off this roof and plumet to my fate
im dancing and swinging out of youre grasp
the world is tipping
slowly im slipping
off of this roof and im tumbling down
tumbling down
slowly im falling
flat on the
flat on the ground
and without a sound
you finally come
you yank me
you yank me
out of my glum
like a miricle you work youre magic
i promise
i promise
if you dont come and save me
ill tango to my fate
this is no debate
come and save me
save me
or ill tango to my fate

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