September 30, 2008
when one stits in a room of silence there is nothing louder

wait and wait
eventually it will come
the ringing
the overwhelming and raging..calm
there is no searching for it
it must find you
the house is empty,streets are bare
the yard is blank and the surrounding rooms remain soundless
then teh loudness finds you and pyrimids its way to a serge.
no words can put forth what is happening.
the silence is so lou, so very loud that most people just pass it by.
not me...
i can listen, i can watch
but the silence, the silence must find you.
i wathed the trees as well as teh people.
i watched the sky and teh earth yet..
the most interesting of all subjects was the silence.
i watched generations bloom and the light grow old, all of which changed.
as for silence...
it remains the same.

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