Monster in the Woods

November 25, 2013
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The boy was walking through the woods.
His mother had sent him to the store
To get the groceries and the goods,
But there were other things he would like to be doing more.

He mumbled to himself as he walked along,
Grumbling about the errand he was sent to do.
The one-sided conversation didn’t last very long,
As he tripped on his untied shoelace and lost his shoe.

The boy turned back to grab his shoe and gasped.
He thought he’d seen someone dart behind a tree.
He tried to brush off the strange feeling as he went past,
And continued to walk as he listened more closely.

Snap went a twig behind him on the trail,
And he slowly began to pick up his pace.
He tried to tell himself it was just an animal – maybe a quail?
But his heartbeat quickly began to race.

He heard a steady thump thump from behind a tree.
Vivid images flashed through the boy’s mind
Of all the grisly murders he’d seen on TV.
He didn’t want to look back for fear of what he’d find.

The boy began to sprint and run
As fast as he could to get out to the open road
He didn’t plan to end up at the end of a gun.
As he picked up speed he tripped and hit the ground like a dead load.

He rolled onto his back,
Got ready to scream,
And tensed up as his pursuer came out of the black –
It was a small little bunny the color of cream.

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