To Sylvia

October 20, 2008
It saddens me to think that
the world did not accept you.
Life’s a dizzy dance that spins
round and round. The mind blurs and
soon there is no distinction
between what is and what is not.
Those high institutions crowned you,
the flashing lights were drawn to you.
Yet somehow you
still questioned the meaning of
success—What is it?
Perhaps someday I will learn something
you knew not (that success is
acceptance of the world.) But
until then I will carry your memory like a
black, deflating ballon that hangs over me.
(The question is, am I saddened by it
or inspired?)

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icedteajubilee said...
Oct. 23, 2008 at 11:25 pm
You're right on with your definition of success. Your poem is so touching to me because I feel like I have so many black deflating balloon memories hovering over me
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