Divine Angel

October 20, 2008
By Madeline (Maddy) Keene, Park City, UT

An Angel
Bright and Loving
Came to my window
and sang to me
To lure my thoughts
and dreams to see

She stood in the frame,
Her sillouhete beyond all that could be
You could not endure
The glistening intensity in her eyes
And witness that immensity
Which was of my surprise

She says,
Truly now
Do not utter a sound
Seek deeply and want for
what needs to be found

I listened so
ever intently now
To this Angel who
Gave a unique spectacular spin around

I anticipated all of
Her reasons for joy
What was the intent of this single ploy?
As I witnessed her happiness
My heart it swelled
In a desperation
To emerge from my cell

“I come from your Father
The Lord and King
and may I say
what great rejoice
I do bring
My sister
great pans and promises are there,
If you enlighten one another,
compliment their hair,
If only you’ll dig up and unearth
your willing to do
Be meek, Virtuous, and part of the few
Who do know what
A divine daughter you are
Love all that is you”

Before she departed
against my demand
She spoke ever so softly
And did
Take hold of my hand
My Heart opened to begin anew
To this day I know
What she preached was most utterly true

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This article has 1 comment.

on Oct. 23 2008 at 11:34 pm
Very enlightening and lyrical, and such an interesting rhyme scheme and so very true there is so much promise to the great comforts that the Lord brings to us, it is such a blessing


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