"This One's for the Lost Causes"

November 24, 2013
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You're just having a bad day
That's all people seem to say
To my silent, frowning face
Then they flee without trace
They say the sun'll come out tomorrow
Then they let me live today in sorrow
They give up on me
A lost case they see
For all the others who feel the same
For the freaks, idiots, losers, and lame
This one's for all of you
Whether several or few
I think you really need to know
You're not the only one who's feeling low
We all have each other
We are all sisters and brothers
We need to help each other out
And that's what it's all about
Under the masks no one's confident
Under the masks we all feel spent
But if you want to survive here's the key
Just know that you will always have me

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