Real Popularity- extended

November 24, 2013
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Satan likes to use this lure
To make you think it's popular
You shouldn't have a fit
Because everyone's doing it
It will make you feel high
That is not a lie
But that' snot all
Then you will fall
Sinking lower than you were
Do you feel popular?
You wonder how you got here
Darkness is pulling near
You think you're all alone
Like you're trapped in a dead zone
But I'm here as well
And all the others who fell
We all pay to get lost
We don't stop to count the cost
It might be your family
It might be your humanity
You will always pay
No matter what they say
Congratulations! You're popular
Now you just wish you had a cure
Was it worth it
To be high for a bit
Even to throw away your life
Even with all of its strife
I hope you're happy

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