October 15, 2008
By kanika nevatia, Gurgaon, ZZ

Just once in life I wanna get
What I want, with no regret.
I wanna live just for me
I don’t wanna lose my sanity.

Why do feelings stay inside?
Why do all my thoughts collide?
For once I wanna break free
Let go of that inner plea.

I wanna do what I want
What I have, I wanna flaunt.
I don’t care what they say
I wanna live life my way.

I wanna say what’s in my heart,
Till the end, right from the start.
I want the people I love to know
With time my love will only grow!!

I no longer can hide
The feelings that I have inside..
I wanna show what’s on my mind
All the answers, I wanna find.

I don’t want my life to be
Just another mystery.
I want people to accept
Me, for when I am correct.

And each n every time I’m wrong,
I still wanna stand strong.
Coz, I wanna learn from my mistakes
Doing just whatever it takes.

It’s my life, so let me live
And in return I will give,
Everything u expect from me,
What I’m worth, u will see!!

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