your black heart

October 13, 2008
By amelia aiken, Hamilton, OH

You thoght you had me under your command.
but i thought you had me by my hand.
you were the first one in my heart.
but guess you weren't the fist from anything to start.
you made me believe that you were the one,but i was wrong,you were eventually going to get undone.
why did you do this to me, treat me this way so bad?
why didn't you just tell me, but since you didn't, for you i will never feel bad.
if you knew from the start,why didn't you tell me, so you wouldnt have to break my heart.
you hurt me really bad, after so long.
and when i started with you, my love for you was very strong.
It wasn't about you, not from the very start.It wasn't even about us both, it was about the love in eveyones heart.
I should've listened to them, but i made a mistake.a amistake that changed my heart,one that i noticed to late.
It will take a long time, to get through it all.
Eventually theogh, i wont be able to fall as much as i used to, because of it all.

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