The Rain

October 20, 2008
It pours
Through the day
And the night
Never ceasing
Never failing in its cause
An endless torrent of rain
Falling deathless upon my head
And most harshly upon my heart

And then
A brief respite
A break in this infinite deluge
A short pause in this onslaught
Could this be
Am I finally free
Might there still be a reason to fight
Is there still hope in this world after all

But no
Simply false hope
Empty words
Broken vows
An illusion
So real
Yet so fake
A mere reminder of truth

What seemed a salvation
Now revealed as a trap
Pulling me under
Threatening to swallow me whole
My life slowly slipping
Fading steadily away
But finally released
Fighting my way out

I must be more cautious
And guard this heart well
Never falter
Never fail
One moment of torpor
A single lapse in attention
And I may be swallowed once more
Forever trapped beneath the currents

As I sit here and write
Thinking upon the past
A realization occurs
An epiphany of sorts
The rain has always been there
It always will be
I was foolish to fight
The rain never fades

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