The End

October 20, 2008
The curtain falls
On your mystifying, crazed act
You look about the empty room
To find all but teddy bears sitting up in a line
You whimper as tears start
Trickling, one by one down your face

Smearing the mascara across your face
You begin to realize how far you have fallen
Where could you even begin to start
To try and fix this ugly act
Throwing the bears all out of line
You walk over to the lonely mirror in the room

The glass is shattered, no more room
For failure on your lonely face
You have stepped across the line
Now all you can do is continue to fall
Putting on a smile, you act
Like nothing is wrong, a clean start

Making your way out, you start
Running towards his room
Thinking about him, the way he talked and acted
Brings tears once again to your pale face
Walking in, you break, and fall
To the floor, seeing his pictures across the dresser in a line

"I will never leave you" was his favorite line
How he couldn't wait to start
Your life together, how in depth you fell
In love with that boy, in this very room
You collapse at the thought of his last goodbye
Here was the end of the final act

This was where the act
Of love and forever broke out of line
The last place you saw his smiling face
The tragic end to such a beautiful start
It brings nightmares, this horrible room
This is where he left you, where you began to fall

You decide it is time for your final act, decide not to start
But finish, for you yourself are out of line in this tragic room
Glancing at his framed face one last time, you know it is your time to fall

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