The Battle of Hearts and Minds

October 20, 2008
By Equan Sykes, Clayton, NC

You are that person when it came to the knowledge of knowing about things you understood when it came to me eventhinkin about what i know as a female you say " naw thats not what my mom told me" "i know my mom told me about everything about a female" Ihave the knowledge of love. somethin' you don't really have you know what it is but i understand it clearly...i love you even though your an hour say "how you gonna love me?" i say " the same reason a blind person can love...cause they can feel it.

The author's comments:
Thank you for reading my poem. I am 18 years old i wrote this poem when i was 16 1/2 this poem is about me and my ex he always did everything that his mother said always listened to her about what girls are about but i wasn't that type of girl and he always put me in that "ya'll girls" catergory but im nothing like other girls i don't do everything that everyone else is doing i am more of an leader. dedicated to the ex!

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