October 20, 2008
By Samantha Sicilia, Hillsdale, NJ

She beat from her lips more porcelain ghosts,
The story of how it’s heart beats more than yours.

When the winter brings cold, it freezes his heart
Which beat in the summer before the season fell apart.

The leaves of the tree start to fall from his branches
And they slowly fall down, with no hope in second chances

See his branches get weak, scared to hold for too long
So she floats and she flies looking for a root to hold on.

Her heart works more then her voice ever could
Ghosts dance around her head saying things she never would

Her words dance in no rhythm and live with no meaning
Because they cover up things only said when she’s dreaming

It’s hard to understand when he finds it hard to care
And she doesn’t understand, why his heart he won’t share.

So it’s a bitter battle that brought the end with no start
Between the girl with no voice and the boy with no heart

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