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October 20, 2008
By Denny Wasson, Denver, CO

I try to hang on
but I know it is dying,
I try to keep it
but it is fading away,
I try to keep its spirit up
but every day, it just seems
to fall even more,
I try my hardest
but I have very little effect,
Each passing day my childhood dies a little,
I try and I hope
that my childness can stay with me,
I try, and yet,
with all that work,
nothing is accomplished.
The fate of all
has been written...
But, I still believe that
growing old in mandatory,
growing up is optional.

The author's comments:
I live in Denver, Colorado. I attend West Denver Preparatory Charter School. I am usually very strict on myself and serious during school, but outside of school I like to act like a little kid. I don't want to grow up, but I know I have to some day.

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