A Partial Inventory of the Great Mistakes I Have Made

October 20, 2008
By Nicole Lee, Kalamzoo, MI

Confusing lust with love
Not calling my grandmother before she died
Dating a worthless piece of trash that I called a boyfriend
Believing people will change when you give them the chance
Never forgiving my father for leaving his family
Letting my head oversee my heart
Having friends that walked all over me
Trying to explain myself to other
Trusting before knowing someone
Hurting others when I was in pain
Always trying to be someone I would never be
Taking anger out on the ones I love
Telling my mother that I hated her
Letting friends down when they needed me the most
Caring to much but never letting it show
Opening my heart to those who will break it
Not letting go of the past
Being too scared of the future

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