The Snack Bag! :]]

October 20, 2008
By Nicole Coke, Foster City, CA

Everyday I walk into class and there it is
Filled with fruit snacks and a juice box.
Closed tightly.
Underneath the table in Ms. Amar’s classroom.
Collecting dust
Like an old piece of furniture tucked away in your attic.
Poor Snack Bag.
It’s probably old and stale
It’s been sitting there since the beginning of the year.
Getting shoved behind backpacks and boxes, it has never complained.
Until now.
I can hear it screaming.
“Set me free.” it yells.
But it gets no response.

(Dedicated to Shannon Carlin)

The author's comments:
well, it pretty much explains itself. This poem is an original by me [[Nicole Coke]]. It is called a "LYRIC POEM". And for those of you who don't know what a lyric poem is, it:
-doesn't rhyme
-has one emotion
-and usually has more than one meaning

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