Love High, it's a Fantastic Dream

October 19, 2008
By Dana C, Rockford, MI

Love high:
What a fabulous dream,
way up high,
high in the sky,
pulling you up past the clowds, like a big heart balloon.
I am back to reality
I look at you walking down the hall,
my heart skips a beat,
I dream of you being the person that comforts me when i need you,
someone to hold me,
to tell me its all right,
to fill the empty spot in my heart.
This is a whole new kind of love,
a love that cannot be described,
a love that helplessly pulls you in and protects you from all the hatered and disgust in this world,
it makes you happier than you have ever been.
Many long for this love,
but is rarely found,
its just a dream,
a fantastic dream,
a dream of love,
with that special person,
who may feel the same way about you too.

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