October 19, 2008
By Marisa Swanson BRONZE, Grand Prairie, Texas
Marisa Swanson BRONZE, Grand Prairie, Texas
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My Jesus
Don't worry for me anymore
I won't say I'm broken
I won't say I'm cured
I'll try not to revert
To that selfish way
But if this pain tightens
Then I just might stray
Riddles and rhymes
Nickels and dimes
When do the poets mix with the crimes?
We're told to be different
To map our own roads
But we're not aware that we're fastened to codes
Act this way
Say that
And if you're insulted, here's how to react:
Follow your leaders
Look down at your toes
If it might cause trouble, then keep your mouth closed.
I'm babbling nonsense
I just want to scream
My nightmare recently evolved from my dream
I won't be ungrateful
I do love my world
I'm just a bit tired with drama unfurled
But Jesus, I love you
Please hear me rejoice
And some day I hope to be soothed by your voice

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