October 19, 2008
Days keep swaying by so fast
and many memories of us will always last.
In the past,
you ruled my heart;
like a dynasty of my heart.
The tiny things we experienced,
I’ll always cherish at no expense.
With your seed of wisdom,
you forced me into your kingdom,
…and knowledge
…you gave me.
My mind is unbearable.
It keeps grieving…
just for your hug,
your touch,
or perhaps a kiss from you.
My mind needs you back,
but my heart wants to move on.
If I could share a bag of Doritos
with you just one last time,
it would be unforgettable.
If I could feel your arms
around my hips one last time,
it would be like magic.
Your kiss of hypnosis,
always put a spell on me.
I despise how crazy and unbearable
I think of you.
It’s time to put you in the past,
and make my way into the future.
It’ll be a blast
to last forever.

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