Land of Dreams

October 19, 2008
By Lindsey Townsend BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
Lindsey Townsend BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
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When you get tired, you begin to start, a daydream in your head,
Of knights in armor, castle moats, and canopied wood beds.

At this point, you may begin, to journey far and wide,
Adventure of the greatest kind, with no rush but endless time.

Maybe you’re a princess, stitching all the day,
Waiting for Prince Charming, to come take you away.

Or a knight, brave and strong, saving everyone,
Helping out the helpless, keeping bad guys on the run.

Blowing heated breath, put out with many pails,
You must be a dragon, with slick metallic scales.

Strong as iron, mighty and fast, are you a trusty stead?
Always doing masters bidding, helping mend each need?

Whichever, strong or graceful, fast or loyal, charming and unique,
You will find adventure waiting, when you fall asleep.

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