may god bless him

October 18, 2008
fingertips as marshmellows
yet the hands of a man.
generosity of a god
yet the stubborness of a man.
unlike the ones who know him best.
may god bless him.

heart of a lion
gentle as a bird
should his smile chase away her fears
his arm her comforting home.
and, may god bless him.

undeserving of the hardships
to hear the beeping
enclosed in a box
his family not with him
the man who creates the image
of the person all men should be.
he loves what is not his
treating her as his own
should he be cursed?
so, may god bless him.

the only man a girl may trust
the one who cares the most
the one to chase the monsters away
and turn off the lights
who read bedtime stories
and played candyland.
may god bless him

her number one fan
all the preactices and games
girl scout meetings plays and concerts
should he not deserve another scare
shall he be with us for decades to come
healthy, safe, happy, free, living,
please, may god bless him.

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