What God Means to Me

October 18, 2008
Peace,comfort,refuge,and happiness,
Love,father,Savior,life,and faithfulness.
Yes,my God is all of these,
But he's much more than that to me.

My God brings pain and hurt and tears,
I moved from Him throughout my years.
He took my heart,my love,and my dad,
And please don't tell me it's not that bad.

With all He's done i should be mad,
But all i can do is just be glad.
He left me my mom and gave back my heart,
Because of Him i can have a fresh start.

Without Him my life would have no meaning,
Without God there is no sense in being.
But with my God i'll always know i'm loved,
And that i have a home up in Heaven above.

Are you listening, can you hear?
Are my words comming through loud and clear?
If not hear this, if only this,
My God,your God,our God is this.

He's as strong as iron and as soft as a feather,
When you need help in life no one can do better.
When you're all alone and afraid right there he will be,
My God,our God, do you know what he means to me?

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ashlee'sfriendjulia said...
Dec. 21, 2008 at 4:35 am
Lovely poem girl. It's very touching. If their's one thing so many people can't understand it's why God takes away. If He didn't we wouldn't be the people we are today, the women we're becomeing. Beautiful and moving.
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