The Worst Possible Day Of My Life

October 18, 2008
December 3, 2007; the worst day of my life,
My whole life changed abruptly when I heard,
“Lindsy didn’t you hear? Last night Ashton killed himself.”
At that one moment I had that shocking sensation from head to toes.
It was hardly possible to believe he was gone, now and forever even.
Especially knowing, that he was happy the last time seen, or so I thought,
I had questions, why? What was so horrible to just end your life?
People were crying, hundreds even teachers were affected,
Friends were comforting the ones around them, I felt very alone.
Tears overwhelmed me; I couldn’t hold it in any longer,
They all came out all at once very dramatically,
A great big cloud was controlling my life.
I couldn’t let the one I loved go; I wasn’t ready to say good-bye.
Things would never be the same, for he was gone, and already missed terribly,
The funeral, very dreary and depressing,
I was the needle in a haystack I didn’t belong,
I wasn’t family but I was a best friend, to Ashton anyway.
I was finally letting things go, letting him go, I was coming to peace.
Realizing my best friend may never be here again, but also will never be forgotten.
I had one desired wish; that he was in a good place now and even possibly be happy.

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