October 18, 2008
By Akshaya Prabhakaran BRONZE, Schaumburg, Illinois
Akshaya Prabhakaran BRONZE, Schaumburg, Illinois
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Rain drips
Onto one’s lips.
Rain drops
As the little kids hop.
Wait. . . all know of this,
But only little know what rain really is.

What is rain?
A sparkly little ball that washes off pain.
One pure element left behind,
After the world was invaded by mankind.
A moisture droplet for Mother Nature’s dry skin,
And an added touch to each fish’s fin.
Every little rain drop is cherished by animals and nature,
But it’s also loved by the human creature.

Human, over all other creatures, is most dominant.
But rain , over all elements, is most pleasant.
With the battle between the two tops,
Who could possibly beat the clock?
As the rain lies in one corner,
The humans wait in the other corner as beginners.
For rain has been here for years up to billions,
The humans just got her in years up to millions.

As rain gets ready to attack,
The humans get ready to fight back.
Rain soaks its victim with love and care,
The humans were never prepared.
Girls and boys splash around,
And at the end rain wins the round.

For all you need to win fights,
Is love and care throughout the nights.

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