sing to my heart

October 18, 2008
By jessica gutter, Riverdale, IL

Sing to my heart. Make your words
flow out, and timeless.

Let me befriend you, le me find peace
behind these walls of lust and run
to you. Take this stress away with
your unforgettable kisses. And i
shall do the same in return.

Let your love be a loyal friendship
that will never die. Let me see pass
the rumors, and lies. May i sing to
your heart?

You will see yourself changing right
before your eyes. I will repair your
heart with the up most respect, and

Take your time and unwind. Sit back,
relax and let the beat of my heart
caress your ears, while the words in
my song tell your herat what it wants
to hear.

Our love will never end, because we
will be more than friends!

The author's comments:
IHi my name is Jessica Gutter. I am from a strong yet troubled family. I think i have storties that can really make people see just how my genderation has really grown to bes

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