October 18, 2008
Green. Flowers, blooming, stretching all around me. The sugary sweet smell perfumed the air. The birds chirped soft silvery tunes. I ran barefoot in the field of green. I came to a lovely stream. The water was warm from the sunshine. The rocks were smooth; the water was glassy, it glinted in the sun. I felt like love had over token my body. I couldn’t control myself. I let my soul run free to the ends of the Earth. I felt no problems, no pain, war it was all gone. It was an undisturbed peace. When it all went black. The stream flooded with thick red blood, the blood of my sisters and brothers. The pain, the shooting, the killing it all came back, it was real. The illusion was gone, there was no birds chirping, the air smelled of smoke, and gas. The grass had wilted, pain shook through ever limb of my body. An icy gust of wind blew over, freezing the world, my home, my life, nothing was left, why couldn’t I die along with everything else. Everything is gone, my friends, my family why was I needed? I looked up to the muddled clouds tears building around my eyes. I saw a light my body felt warm, the agony was gone. The soothing voice reached me, “ Your life is not done, and you are the hope of the people around the world thinking only they are alive. Together you will rebuild this plant, your home, your life, if not that, what will you live for?” I watched as the sun peaked out and the water streamed clear, the grass sprouted up and alive. Then I knew, I was hope, hope for life, hope to dream, and hope to live.

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